These are Webex’s 4 best features

Why Cisco’s collaboration technology stands out from the rest. Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins said in a March 17th interview with CNBC that Webex usage had skyrocketed that month to 5.5 billion minutes of video conferencing, and grew to a staggering 14 billion minutes for the whole of March. That number has continued to dramatically increase since then, as we’re […]

Cisco Supports SoftBank on First Segment Routing IPv6 Deployment in Prep for 5G

Cisco announced its collaboration with SoftBank on the world’s first Segment Routing IPv6 (SRv6) deployment. With the anticipation of the coming 5G era, Cisco has been assisting SoftBanktodeploy state-of-the-art Segment Routing IPv6 (SRv6) networks nationwide to build a future network architecture that is extremely scalable, with improved reliability, flexibility and agility, all while helping to […]